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Sliding Gate Control Valves



Sliding Gate Control Valves

Whether you are trying to control pressure, temperature, level, Ph or flow rate, count on Jordan Valve sliding gate control valves. We can assist you with the proper control valve and the right accessories to meet the needs for your specific application. Our control valves are ideal for steam, utility, petroleum,
chemical refining and numerous other applications. The sliding gate seat design offers straight-through flow, short stroke and fast response, quiet operation, easily interchangeable Kv's (Cv's) and tight shut off.
The simplistic design of the sliding gate valve makes maintenance easy to periorm.











Design Features
Replaceable 440C Stainless Steel Seat/Venturi
The venturi is an integral part of the removable seat. It is readily changed in-line should different flow characteristics be required or replacement be necessary from excessive wear. The orifice is sized to keep fluid velocity across the seat below damaging levels. The exit orifice angle is designed to minimize downstream piping erosion and noise. Several erosion-resistant materials are available. Consult factory.
Position Indicator
The position indicator is easy to read and an accurate indication of valve stem position.
Axially-loaded Packing System
The packing is uniformly axially loaded. The bonnet cartridge packing chamber with a secure leakproof bonnet allows rapid access to valve trim for ease of inspection and maintenance.
Mated Stem Assembly
The stem assembly is mated to the orifice for proper control. Like the orifice seat assembly, it is readily changeable should different flow characteristics be required or excessive erosion occur.
Pressure Seal Bonnet
A secure, leakproof bonnet allows rapid access to valve trim for inspection and maintenance. The pressure boundary is sealed at the smallest diameter possible to ensure maximum sealing capability.
Two-Year Warranty
Conval is committed to unsurpassed quality. We are so confident of the quality of our product, that we offer a two-year warranty.
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