High Performance Valves for the World’s Most Demanding Applications



Piston Check Valves


Piston Check Valves

Conval Clampseal® Check Valves are designed for demanding high-pressure
applications where light weight and compact size are required.

Product Specification
Standard Sizes
1/2” through 3” Y, T, angle pattern Stop Check Optional SW, BW, FNPT (to 1”). Grayloc or Flanged
Pressure Rating
ASME 900 through 3500
Standard Materials
A105, F22, F316, 316L
MonelTM 400, IconelTM 600, optional

Y-Pattern Check Valves

T-Pattern Check Valves

Angle Pattern Check Valves

Design Features

Clampseal Check Valves feature the exclusive pressure seal bonnet which permits ready access for maintenance, while ensuring a positive pressure-actuated body to bonnet seal under all operating conditions. The valve is comprised of five assemblies, with the piston and spring being the only moving parts. The piston utilizes two guide rings, and the spring is Inconel X for smooth operation in any position at temperatures up to 1000*F.

The reliability of the Clampseal Check Valve is enhanced by use of the electron beam process for welding the cast stellite seat into the body.
By using the inline maintenance tools available, long valve life can be assured

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