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Camseal® Metal-Seated
Ball Valves


Camseal® Metal-Seated Cartridge-Style Top Entry Zero Leakage Ball Valves

Conval Camseal® Ball Valves are designed for the world’s most demanding high-pressure, high-temperature applications.

Product Specification
Standard Sizes
1/2” through 4” Top Entry SW, BW, FNPT and a variety of ends TDP-1-2013 compliant and full port valves available
Pressure Rating
ASME Class up to 4500
Standard Materials
Carbon Steel SA-105
Stainless Steel SA-182-F316/F316L
Alloy SA-182-F22 CI.3, SA-182-F91
Other materials available upon request
Standard Accessories
ISO-5211 Integral Mounting Pad Actuators Electric, Pneumatic or Hydraulic, Gear Operator
Design Features
Conval Camseal Ball Valve Provides Zero Leakage
Zero Body Leakage: The body/bonnet bolting for the top entry design is not susceptible to pipeline stresses - precluding the potential for leakage.

Zero Seat Leakage: Conval's Camseal has been type-tested using high pressure Nitrogen gas, achieving zero bubbles in four minutes. The result is industry leading performance with every valve and the longest in-service life compared to competitive brands.

Zero Stem Seal Leakage: Conval's exclusive Integral Gland Wrench concentrically loads the stem packing without tools, eliminating stem leaks and extending packing life. Live loading is available as an option.
Cartridge-Style Top Entry
With top entry access, maintenance and replacement of the cartridge internals are very convenient, with no effect on existing piping and welds.
Robust Stem-Ball Engagement
Reliable, accurate ball alignment is achieved due to the robust engagement between the one-piece stem and the ball.
Superior Bearing Support
Superior bearing support of the blowout-proof stem ensures proper axial alignment and Zero Seat Leakage even on actuated valves.
Stem-Ball Alignment
The easy to read Position Indicator Disc (patent pending) increases the visibility and accuracy of stem and ball alignment into the valve seat. This is especially important when adding an actuator to a valve or resetting valve actuation. It is also critical in severe applications such as steam where positive, sustainable shutoff is critical and even slight misalignments will compromise the ball/seat sealing band. This indicator eliminates the need for costly and multiple manufacturing features that have traditionally been used with less accuracy. The indicator is self-securing to the stem; no set screws are required.
In-Line Servicing
In-line renewability can be accomplished in 30 minutes and restores Zero Leakage performance.
Integral Mounting Pad
An ISO-5211 integral mounting pad facilitates error-free, air, motor and gear operator actuation due to superior rigidity, precise alignment and a fully-guided stem bearing system. Lockout capability is standard.
Two-Year Warranty
Conval is committed to unsurpassed quality. We are so confident of the quality of our product, that we offer a two-year warranty.
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